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​In late May, husband and wife, John and Teresa Nolte would take over B&B Burgers. After a brief closing, the restaurant would spring back to life on June 8th, 2016 run by the Nolte family with a even bigger mission in mind.

John Nolte had an abundant amount of reasons to re-open B&B Burgers, but when asked, he told me personally that only three stood out as the most important reasons...

  • ​Springtown needs a family-friendly place that's not fast-food for families sit down and enjoy time with one another, just like the Old-Fashioned way of sitting around the table eating a family meal together

  • ​After a career of travelling and seeing the world, John wanted to see his family at the family business, growing together having good times

  • ​And most importantly, he wanted to make a kick-butt meal, that everyone could love, that wouldn't burn a hole in your wallet

​With the help of his family, and some close friends, B&B Burgers is up and running with these principles. Our family, serving yours some great food, at a low price. So come on in and meet us for yourself! Thanks for taking the time to read about us, and we hope to see y'all soon!

the beginning...

Brent and Barbara, the original owners, were visiting their brother and his family in Springtown when they first saw the space now known as B & B Burgers. Both retiring from the corporate world, they wanted to try something different.

It was Brent's idea to open a burger joint. They had never owned or operated a restaurant, but didn't let that stop them.

Their vision was to bring back the "old fashioned" hamburger that was lost to fast food. On July 10th, 2013, B&B (Brent and Barbara) Burgers opened their doors to the public.